Zipline Italy: the longest and fastest in the world is right here!

The exponential growth of experiential tourism, these records often relate to experiences, in fact, and the emotions they provide. Needless to say, unless we talk about art, most records belong to countries with a more prosperous economy, perhaps with fewer restrictions …. or with more space. Often, therefore, often, to see the largest waterfall in the world, or take a ride on the highest roller coaster ever built, you have to walk a few thousand kilometres. But this time the record is all Italian! Let’s examine the topic “zipline Italy” and see the best known …. and the world record!

Zipline Italia: the longest and fastest in the world

The longest and fastest ZipLine in the world is located in Italy, in Lazio, in the small and scenic town of Rocca Massima (in the province of Latina).

It was inaugurated on September 2014 and allows you to experience the flight in complete safety. The structure consists of a steel cable supported by two 2225-metre trusses suspended at a maximum height of 310 metres above the ground: speeds of over 170 km/h can be reached!

That’s why the experience was dedicated to “V of the Peregrine Falcon”.

There is one important feature that distinguishes this wonderful experience from most systems that allow you to experience the feeling of flying: the ZipLine is really for everyone. Even people with disabilities can do this because no physical skills or preparation are required.

The limits that divide you from feeling the sensation of flying are therefore only two: you have to weigh more than 40 kilos (and I fear that many satisfy it) and you have to want to have fun and get into the game!

For romantics (or perhaps the most fearful…..) there is also the possibility of doing it in pairs, at the same time.

Last but not least ….. is my favourite! Also because the people on the staff are wonderful. Yes, I know you don’t care……but I wanted to say it!

Zipline Italy: others among the most important

There are many other ziplines in Italy (in addition to those contained in the adventure parks). Here you will find some of the most popular:

  • Murano (Verbania): on Lake Maggiore (from which it takes the name of “Zipline of Lake Maggiore”) in Piedmont, is about 1850 meters long and reaches 120 km / h.
  • Pietrapertosa (Potenza): is called “Flight of the Angel” and is 1550 meters long. Crossing it you can admire the “Dolomiti Lucane”.
  • Albarado for San Marco (Sondrio): – called “Emozione del Volo” is composed of two sections, one outward and one return, (faster) and is located along the Orobie National Park.

Someone (Paul Morand) said “traveling means winning your battle against the routine” I will forgive you for the rhetoric, I would add that life is short and wonderful and therefore you should take every opportunity to enrich it with experiences like this and enjoy it fully.

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