When to go to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania

We are talking about Philadelphia or Philadelphia, as you can also say in Italian, perhaps to distinguish it from the equally famous spreadable cheese, which was named so by Kraft precisely because in 1880 it was believed that the best food came from there. But when is the best time to visit this fascinating metropolis? When to go to Philadelphia to save money on travel, find the right temperature, special events or just fewer tourists?

When to visit Philadelphia so as not to find it too crowded with tourists

Called “Philly” by the Americans or also “The City of Brotherly Love” (city of brotherly love – because its name comes from the Greek phílos-adelphós = loved, dear-brother, brotherly), Philadelphia is a place very visited by Americans. This makes it a tourist city with all the pros but above all the relative disadvantages.

For example, it is very crowded in periods when the school in the U.S. is closed, although fortunately, the school holidays in America are less and shorter than the Italian ones.

When to Visit Philadelphia to Find the Best Climate

Although its latitude corresponds to that of Calabria, Philadelphia has a fairly harsh winter and a very hot summer. So the seasons in which the temperature is mild are the best to visit it, take beautiful long walks and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Spring and autumn then, unless you want to visit it during the Christmas holidays or you are a daredevil who wants to experience the excitement of walking down the street at 37 ° C in summer and then enter a store in a room that is conditioned at almost 20 ° C less!

When to visit Philadelphia to save money

Hotel prices in the City of Fraternal Love are usually lower in autumn and winter.

It is clear that going to Philadelphia out of season and especially away from the American holidays (July 4, Thanksgiving Day etc.) can save you on any internal flights certainly on accommodation as well as allowing you to easily find more places and offers.

As for the flight that certainly the highest cost of travel, the first trick is to book well in advance. With some sites such as Skyscanner, then, you can also sign up to receive notice of any lowering of ticket prices but above all, you can search directly finding the cheapest month to fly to Philadelphia. And remember to search using “incognito” pages (with the appropriate functionality of your browser). Finally, flying on Tuesdays or Thursdays is usually cheaper, and the best time to find offers at the time of booking is on Tuesdays.

In conclusion: when to go to Philadelphia?

Well, there’s not a single answer, you choose:

From March to May the weather is perfect, hotel prices start to go up a bit but cherry trees start to bloom, which makes the city even more fascinating.

From June to August there is a peak of tourists and the temperature is quite high, as are the prices of the hotels. But there is also an increase in the number of outdoor festivals and events.

From September to November temperatures start to drop as do the number of tourists and hotel prices. It is also the time when trees change leaves making Philadelphia more romantic than any other period.

Between December and February, the temperature is cold. However, there are still many events such as the famous “Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest”.

As always, it depends on your tastes and needs. Write to me and let me know which month you have chosen is why!

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