What to see in Baltimore?

Your proximity to beautiful Washington makes it an interesting destination for those who travel to that area. There is a lot to visit, comma award-winning restaurants places of historical importance. There are things you can’t avoid to visit, the so-called “must do”, and less frequent but still interesting places. So let’s see what to see in Baltimore.

What to see in Baltimore: “Must Do”

Inner Harbor: is the destination that has the most attractions and neighbourhoods to visit for tourists and is full of activities throughout the year.

National Aquarium: One of the most important attractions of the Inner Harbor is the National Aquarium, with over 700 species of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, a 4D theatre and numerous exhibitions. It is very popular with tourists from all over the world. Tip: To avoid the crowds, visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon on a midweek day.

Maryland Science Center: The second most important attraction in Inner Harbor is the “Maryland Science Center” with its planetarium, numerous fossils and an IMAX cinema.

Fort McHenry: it is the fort that inspired the American national anthem and has a very important historical significance. Numerous events take place there.

Crab Shak: if you’ve been to Baltimore and you haven’t eaten crabs, you can’t say you’ve visited it so choose one of the many restaurants that serve seafood, and enjoy it together with the most famous beer of Baltimore, the “Natty Boh”.

What to see in Baltimore Museums

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum: a few kilometres west of the Inner Harbor, it is a railway museum with a wealth of exhibits.

Baltimore Museum of Art: For those who love 19th-century art, modern and contemporary, this museum is ideal.

The Walters Art Museum: If you are interested in collections and exhibits from around the world this is the place to visit when you are in Baltimore.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum: If you like the famous American writer at 203 Amity Street you’ll find his brick residence turned into a museum where his belongings are still preserved.

What to see in Baltimore off the beaten track

Fells Point: For those who like to dive into the relatively recent past of the United States, the historic district of Fells Point is the ideal place. Tip: If you like art, stop by the “Art Gallery” to see the works of local artists.

Hampden: If you’re in the area at Christmas or Thanksgiving you should visit this neighbourhood to immerse yourself in the strong American tradition of “Christmas Lights”.

Federal Hill Park: at 300 Warren Ave there is one of the best parks to see the skyline of Baltimore and enjoy one of the stories of the many volunteers ready to satisfy your curiosity.

The American Visionary Art Museum: Located near the park and is really “off the beaten path” this interesting museum houses works of “Art Brut” or artistic production made by non-professionals and people who operate outside the conventional aesthetic norms (self-taught but also psychotic, prisoners, etc.) the so-called “outsiders”.

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