Little Italy Cleveland

However, a bit for the movies, a bit because in the end we carry Italy in our hearts, everyone was curious sooner or later to visit a “Little Italy”, a name that is usually given to Italian neighborhoods in the metropolis abroad. Among these, for its history, restaurants and arts, one of the most characteristic is undoubtedly the Little Italy Cleveland, in Ohio. Here is a description of the neighborhood and some tips on what to see and do in Little Italy, Cleveland.

Little Italy Cleveland: what you need to know.

First of all, if you’re in Cleveland, it’s a very interesting destination to visit. It’s not very big if you consider its main street, Mayfield Road, of which the neighborhood contains only about 500 meters. However, it is very full of history and exudes the melancholy that Italians must have had for their country when they were forced to leave it to emigrate to the U.S.

The city is full of pizzerias, traditional Italian cafes and elegant trattorias with opera singers. In the neighborhood there are also a number of independent art galleries of typical food and wine shops that sell Italian products of course. There are also many colorful murals dedicated to the history of Italian emigrants.

Little Italy Cleveland: The true story

In the mid-1800s an Italian sculptor named Joseph (Giuseppe) Carrabelli, began working marble on the top of the hill of Mayfield Road (on the side opposite the Little Italy railway, Cleveland). So many other families from our “Bel Paese” followed him and began to work in the area that separates the railway from the former house of Carabelli, which immediately became known as Little Italy of Cleveland.

Now the area boasts more than 20 galleries, fifteen restaurants, two schools and a church of the Holy Rosary. Its shops have become the destination of thousands of visitors every year, also because the neighborhood is easily accessible on foot from many other places of interest in Cleveland, such as the botanical garden, the cultural center, as well as numerous museums and universities.

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