Cleveland: what to see? What are the places to see?

Cleveland: What to see? What are the places to see? – On the shores of Lake Erie lies one of the most famous cities in Ohio. Founded in 1796 as an industrial centre recently become a tourist city thanks to the investments made by wealthy citizens (from its thriving past economy) in art and philanthropy. Its name comes from General Moses Cleveland, who was then taken off an “A” to adapt to the head of the local newspaper. A particular city, which has suffered ups and downs over the years, which gave its name to a serial killer (“the butcher of Cleveland”) and which offers as an attraction also it’s famous “Cemetery Lake View”. But let’s see what to do in Cleveland, what to see and what are its main attractions.

Cleveland what to see… FREE!

Sure it’s not New York Los Angeles but it’s still a big American metropolis with many things to do and see. Let’s start with the extremely budget-friendly ones.

First, visit one of the 18 parks

Maybe with a nice packed lunch, it can be a great opportunity to learn something about conservation in one of the 10 Visitor Centers, and to take long walks that will also burn all the fat accumulated with hot dogs, doughnuts and other delicious “junk” that you have swallowed … since you are on vacation! The Rocky River Reservation and the North Chagrin Reservation are great for the view is the wealth of nature and animals (ducks, frogs and birds). Lakefront, Brookside and Washington are the most comfortable parks because they are close to the centre.

If you’re a good shopper and have hidden your wife’s credit card, you can also go to the West Side Market, and maybe take advantage of all the free tastings before choosing what to buy, however cheap. It’s located in the Ohio City neighbourhood and can also be reached by bus. It is usually open on Mondays and Wednesdays until 4 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays until 6 pm.

Cleveland Museum of Art

It’s not a huge museum, but it still houses about 45,000 works that are exhibited in chronological order and boast world-renowned names such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

Another idea could be to see the murals between Hingetown and Gordon Square, constantly evolving and that will surely offer you ideas for funny photos.

Perhaps going to search for Italy abroad is not the best exploration that a trip usually reserves. However, a bit for the movies, a bit because in the end, we carry Italy in our hearts, everyone was curious sooner or later to visit a “Little Italy”. Among these, for its history, restaurants and arts, one of the most characteristic is undoubtedly the Little Italy Cleveland, in Ohio.

Cleveland what to see absolutely

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Undoubtedly one of Cleveland’s main attractions and is located in the centre, on the shore of Lake Erie. It hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as collections and gives you facts from some of the best rock musicians of all time such as The Beatles, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and many others.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural Sciences

One of the most beautiful in the United States and hosts not only permanent exhibitions ranging from dinosaurs to the planetarium but also interactive activities where visitors can find in person, for example, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 or test their skills as archaeologists looking for fossils. It is located in the University Circle.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden

Offers a real natural oasis within a concrete jungle. It offers not only countless plants from all over the world but also about fifty animal species including butterflies, birds, amphibians and others.

Severance Hall

recognized as one of the best concert halls in the world. It is located in the Case Western Reserve University.

Lake View Cemetery

It may seem a little strange to go and visit a cemetery as a tourist but this is worth it. Huge tree-lined park with monumental tombs and a mausoleum dedicated to former President Garfield buried there. You feel enormous tranquillity and you can feel the history of the place.

Other very visited attractions of Cleveland are the Zoo, the Cultural Gardens in Rockefeller Park (a series of 30 small gardens designed by different ethnic groups in Cleveland), the Cleveland Arcade, located between Euclid superior Avenue (a gallery with Victorian architecture in one of the first indoor shopping centers in the United States), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland (MOCA) for those who can understand these works let’s say … imaginative and the Great Lakes Science Center calls science, particularly science.

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