Cheap places to visit in Italy in the South and in the Center and in the North

They are all enthusiastic, there is only to choose the destination… what would you say about Venice? But there is someone who knocks on you from behind to tell you that maybe there is a little problem: it’s your wallet! Luckily you don’t have to go too far from our “beautiful country” because, yes, it is true that it has many problems, but it is really beautiful! Not all destinations in Italy, however, will leave your pockets happy. Here are some general tips to save, if you already have a destination in mind, and a list of cheap places to visit in Italy.

General advice on how to find cheap places to visit in Italy.

First of all the usual advice to book well in advance, travel outside the high season and choose well the dates according to the events. It is clear, however, that this is not possible for everyone.

Then you can first look for the cheapest places through sites such as TripAdvisor: enter the period in which you intend to make the trip and in the place of search the region where you want to go. Then put the results in order of price to find the most affordable places.

Similarly, with search sites like Skyscanner, you can enter your dates, your departure airport and “Italy” as your destination and maybe discover that there is a flight to Sicily for only 35 euros.

It is obvious that less touristy destinations are more easily “budget-friendly”. But if you already have a tourist destination in mind you can simply stay a few kilometres from it. If you travel by car, consider the usability of the stretch of road that connects it to your destination. On the other hand, remember that Italy has a fairly dense railway network and this will allow you to stay, for example, inBronzolo or Laives and reach in a few minutes by train the wonderful, but certainly cheaper Bolzano. Of course, always check the frequency and times of the start and end of the trip.

Cheap places to visit in Italy in the South

Wonderful place to visit rich in history, nature and above all fantastic things excellent food is undoubtedly Puglia. A place accessible and affordable for everyone.

All destinations in Puglia are budget-friendly, but there are many destinations, less known but beautiful, for example, Palagianello (a small Matera), Melendugno (with its breathtaking coastline), Borgagne (a delightful village, also near the beautiful Lecce) and Cisternino with its Trulli.

Another region that is decidedly economic and yet wonderful, with exceptional food and extraordinary places in Sicily. Although very well known, rich in UNESCO heritage sites and beaches to make envy to the Caribbean, are very cheap Tindari (north-east of the island) with its famous “Black Madonna” and the “Marinello Lakes”, Agrigento (rich in historical sites), Castellammare del Golfo (ancient seaside town north-west of Sicily), and the most famous seaside town of Marina di Ragusa (also famous for the fiction of “The Commissioner Montalbano”), cheaper than expected from such a tourist city.

In Sicily there are also unique places such as “Piazza Armerina” (actually the name of the city itself) which houses a Roman villa home to mosaics of international importance as “The Girls in Bikini” and “The Roman matron with a servant” and Acireale a city with just over 50,000 inhabitants but 100 bell towers!

Rio de Janeiro is too far for an economic trip… but Maratea (in Basilicata) offers a statue of Christ the Redeemer more than 20 meters high, crystal clear beaches and views worthy of a Hollywood movie. Lots of stuff and prices for every budget.

Cheap places to visit in Italy at the Centre

Who doesn’t like to relax in a spa? Although it does not seem so cheap, particularly in Italy, in Saturnia (Tuscany) you can do it completely free of charge at “le cascatelle”, natural open-air spas with different pools and waterfalls. The water is so hot that you can go even in winter. To save money, then you could also think of staying in one of the many delightful surrounding villages.

Gradara in the Marches is certainly one of the most beautiful and fascinating villages in Italy, as well as being one of the best-preserved medieval structures in Italy. It remains an affordable destination if you stay near the city if you go in periods when there are special events.

Abruzzo has many interesting places, food that can undermine even the most strict diet, with meats that are a strong temptation even for the most convinced vegan. The whole “Costa Dei Trabocchi” for example, which goes from Ortona to Vasto offers the opportunity to admire a turquoise sea adorned with old fishing houses built on stilts, all with a low budget, especially if you decide to stay in bed and breakfast and holiday homes.

Cheap places to visit in Italy in the North

It does not seem like a tourist place, but in reality it is really interesting to visit Trieste with its historical beauties (the Piazza Unit√† d’Italia, the Castle of Miramare, etc.) and its uniqueness as the original “Museum of the Bora” and the largest tourist cave in the world: The Cave of the Giant. Especially if you go by B&B or apartments, the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia is budget-friendly.

The Riviera Romagnola is certainly one of the most touristic places in Italy. However, it has such a wide range of offers to ensure stays at very low prices even in high season. Needless to mention all the activities and places of interest that surround it from amusement parks to historic sites such as San Leo and San Marino.

Venice is not known to be a “cheap” destination, but if you want to get out of the beaten path and make your wallet happy you could go to Chioggia also called “the little Venice”. It will not only be the savings that will make your stay enjoyable, but also the absence of mass tourism and the pleasure of coming into contact with the genuine traditions of that area.

For those who love history, Noli (the small village in the province of Savona) has much to offer, having been the Maritime Republic as the most famous Venice, Pisa and Amalfi.¬† An economic place and “off the beaten path”.

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